June 23, 2014

Leading Kosher Manufacturer Launches “Game changing” Kosher Non-Dairy Natural Cream Cheese

BROOKLYN, NY — The kosher market has been increasingly buying into products that are “healthy and natural,” including those that are gluten-free and vegan. Experts say that many health foods market themselves on a single redeeming factor while remaining unhealthy in other ways. For example, they say, some gluten-free items can be wheat free, but may still include unhealthy fats and starches. Enter Tuv Taam, a major kosher manufacturer of kosher foods including dips and salads, along with developer Glenn Shachar, who say that their new non-dairy cream cheese is a game changer in the natural cream cheese market. Much like Ezekiel bread has redefined the quality of benefits people expect out of natural breads, their sprouted cashew cream cheese redefines the idea of genuinely healthy non-dairy spreads.

Many brands offer non-dairy cream cheese, including Tofutti, Trader Joe’s and Go Veggies, but most of these products use a variety of cooked and processed oils, such as soy, coconut, and canola, says Mr. Shachar. He and his wife have been on the cutting edge of natural food trends for 40 years. Their extensive research on the topic opened their eyes to the numerous disadvantages that can be caused by digesting processed oils. These very real health dangers, caused by the oxidation that comes as a result of the cooking process, can cause inflammation, a leading cause of illness such as diabetes, heart disease, and hardening of the arteries. Working with Tuv Taam, Mr. Shachar developed a non-dairy cream cheese made from sprouted cashews, which eliminates the health risks that may come with oil-based faux spreads, and at the same time provides numerous health benefits. In addition to getting rid of the oxidation process, sprouted cashews create enzymes that aid the body in digestion. During the sprouting process, saturated fats in the cashews are converted into fiber and other beneficial minerals. Each serving of Tuv Taam’s sprouted cashew cream cheese contains 4 grams of fiber, a number unmatched by other similar products. The products were due to hit supermarket shelves this week.