August 10, 2022

New Watermelon Moscato from MYX Fusions

New York…Peach, Mango, Coconut, and now Watermelon! MYX Beverages presents the latest variety of fruit-infused wines: MYX Fusions Watermelon Moscato. This clean and crisp infusion offers a perfectly balanced blend of premium Moscato wine with natural juices from fresh, ripe watermelons. The signature fruit-forward notes of Moscato shine through, while the delightful watermelon flavor provides a crisp, clean finish. MYX Fusions Watermelon Moscato is available at wine retailers, supermarkets, and convenience stores. It comes in 4-packs of 187 ml single-serve bottles and 750 ML bottles (distributed by Royal Wine Corp) 5.5% alcohol by volume. Crafted from Gordo Australian Moscato Grapes. Gluten-free, OU Kosher certified. For more information visit: