November 16, 2021

New Products Galore and Gourmet at Kosherfest

Secaucus NJ…To be sure, it was a year of challenges for travel overseas, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. Yet, there were more than 300 new items at this year’s Kosherfest with some actually winning awards at a ceremony at Kosherfest for being best in their category. The Setton family, a fixture at Kosherfest for so many years came out on top as Best in Show with its 100% Pure Pistachio Oil and also won an award for their new Dry Roasted Scorpion Pepper Shelled Pistachios.

There was a void at Anderson International Foods without its late founder Liz Mizrachi, but the company still managed to launch [email protected], fresh mozzarella sheets. New exhibitor Fiber Gourmet made it with their new light Challah. Flaum’s, known for their appetizing products, showed off their success in emerging as a major kosher food distributor. Freund’s became the quintessential fish and sushi hub, winning awards for many of their products like their Fish Breaded Salmon Nuggets. Finally, there was the Charcuterie from Ben's Best. To wash it all down one could have sampled Elements Sherry from M&H Distillery

More than two dozen booths unveiled products that are on their way to the kosher food market. Spotted was Bee’s Water, organic, the world’s first honey water. The taste will be even better with such flavors as simply classic, tangy lemon, golden ginger lemon, native blueberry, and savory cinnamon. The tantalizing display of Elegant Desserts was extremely interesting but so was Crema Lusso, which manufactures an organic, limited ingredient ice cream & gelato mix that can turn an ordinary kitchen into an ice cream parlor or a European gelato display. And almost every booth or every second booth had an equal display of innovation and creativity.