August 23, 2022

New Kosherfest Exhibitors Look for Quick Segue to Kosher Shelves

Secaucus, NJ…While several Covid and supply chain shortage weary long-time exhibitors at Kosherfest will be sitting on the fence for this year’s show, they will be more than replaced by a cadre of enthusiastic new exhibitors. Some of the latest additions include Laconiko, -Sonny Honey, International Food SRL, Lucky Food, Smo’ Better Food Company, Bank of America, VJC Trade, Ovesture, Nutty Bunny, Bevel Payment Solutions, Mommy’s Cookie Jar, and Tibetan Farmerette (Qinghai) Food Company.

One of the more interesting new exhibitors will be Mommy’s Cookie Jar developers of a line of cookies for lactating mothers. When Brooke Rubinstein couldn’t produce enough milk for her baby, she reached out to her sister-in-law

 Camille, a professional cook. “I provided her with a list of ingredients I required in my cookies – such as brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, and oatmeal – and she got straight to work. After much trial and error (and tasting, yum!) to achieve the perfect blend of taste and consistency, the hard work paid off and Mommy’s Cookie Jar was born!”

For Pamela Afflalo of Nutty Bunny the challenge was simple enough: make a delicious and healthy non-dairy ice cream alternative for her daughter Sophie to enjoy! Sophie suffered from terrible allergies as an adolescent leading to frequent colds, difficulty breathing and incessant coughing fits. Having tried a series of allergy medications with nothing to show for it, Pamela and her husband were left feeling helpless. Desperate to find a solution, Pam started researching alternative approaches.

Lucky for Sophie, her mother had trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute, and she set out to make the most delicious and healthy non-dairy ice cream for Sophie. Pamela set herself a goal, to concoct the best, nutrient dense desert possible. And this is why all of her recipes have cashews as the base and only natural ingredients that are dense with nutrients for flavor. After a lot of trial and error, Sophie approved a recipe and Nutty Bunny was officially born and named after her childhood nickname.

Today, Nutty Bunny can be found in over 25 stores across the tri-state area and has recently opened a new commercial kitchen in Norwalk CT where Pamela oversees production. The menu has expanded to 7 flavors along with some seasonal favorites sprinkled in here and there. And true to the roots of the brand, all Nutty Bunny Ice Cream is still deliciously hand-crafted using only the finest organic and vegan ingredients nature has to offer.