October 26, 2022

New Infused Creamed Honey Line from Sunny Honey Miami

Miami, FL… Sunny Honey Miami will introduce a new line of Creamed Honey at Kosherfest next month. Raw creamed honey has an extra step. After collecting and straining raw honey from the hive, it is poured into a honey creamer, which is essentially a holding tank with an auger that spins the liquid honey periodically over a few days. Honey naturally wants to crystallize in the tank, but by stirring it the crystallization process is interrupted. This allows for controlling the size of the crystals. The smaller the crystal, the smoother and creamier the honey. Creamed honey has a smooth, sumptuous texture that is perfect as a spread but preserves the healthy goodness of raw honey. Liquid honey purchased in grocery stores is often thought to be “regular” or “plain” honey, but in fact, this honey comes from a variety of different sources and combined with other ingredients, resulting in something less than 100% pure honey. That’s why Sunny Honey Miami only sells raw honey with zero additives and that hasn’t been processed in any way. Their honey comes straight from the comb and into the bottle before being shipped out. It contains no ingredients other than honey from the beehive. Grocery store honey is usually heated up to over 160 degrees to extract the pollen through straining and reducing the chance of crystallization. Not only is this process unnecessary, but it also removes all the health benefits that come from eating honey. Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) For more information visit: www.sunnyhoneymiami.com