January 5, 2023

MYX Fusions In new Fresh Watermelon-Infused Wine (No Seeds) In Single-Serve and Full-Size Bottles

New York…Myx Fusions Watermelon Moscato – is a new light, refreshing and real-fruit infused Italian Moscato.  Whether you host a few guests or a crowd, these single serve and full bottle sparkling wines are packed with refreshing flavor, fewer calories, and less guilt. Great for gift-giving too. This clean and crisp infusion offers a perfectly balanced blend of premium Moscato wine with natural juices from fresh, ripe watermelons. Bursting with flavor, this refreshing Moscato tastes like summer in a glass. MYX Watermelon Moscato wine is everything one can want in a light-bodied, thirst-quenching summer beverage. It’s smooth, slightly effervescent, and easy to drink. The signature fruit-forward notes of Moscato shine through, while the delightful watermelon flavor provides a crisp, clean finish. MYX Fusions continues to build on its reputation for revolutionizing the wine industry, with new lower-calorie and low alcohol wines. The new, summer-inspired Watermelon Moscato joins the line of peach, mango and coconut infused wines from the trendy MYX Fusions Beverage company. 

MYX Watermelon Moscato is very versatile, with a sweetness and lower alcohol level that pairs well with most foods. It can be served with fish, chicken, seafood, duck, and vegetables. It’s also a wonderful companion for a favorite ice cream, cookies, and cakes. Find MYX Fusions Watermelon Moscato at wine retailers, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Crafted from Gordo Australian Moscato Grape and Gluten-free, OU Kosher certified.