January 5, 2023

More than 110 Passover Programs Slated for 2023 in Rebound from Covid

London…It appears that the lucrative Passover programs are rebounding in 2023, albeit not to pre-pandemic levels. Raphi Bloom, co-founder of www.totallyjewishtravel.com told Kosher Today "Whilst Pesach 2023 is not quite back to pre-pandemic levels, it is as close to it as can be” He revealed that TJT has over 110 Passover programs advertising across the globe and while this is down from the record levels of 2019 of more than 140 pre pandemic programs, the number of programs this year indicate a great interest in the Passover getaways.  

Mr. Bloom notes that despite a number of US programs not returning, there is still a wide choice and some new ones that have launched. Some examples he cited are Mexico with several large programs, and Europe with more than 34 options. Other choice destinations include Morocco with 9 programs and Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain with top class options. Israel has returned as a perennial favorite and other exotic options include Tunisia, Thailand, Brazil, Panama, Turkey and Costa Rica, making Passover programs truly global. Bloom concluded by saying "In addition to a huge selection of options we are also seeing record traffic from travelers seeking information and quotes for Pesach with thousands visiting his website every day."