June 16, 2022

More Health-Conscious Products Going Kosher

Secaucus NJ…When Kosherfest ’22 opens on November 8th at the Meadowlands Convention Center, there will be many more companies that are producing healthier products and have chosen to go kosher. One good example is Arnel’s Originals out of Ventura, CA. For many like Arnel it’s part of a personal story. “Since 1996, all four members of my family discovered that we could not eat gluten (or dairy). At that point, I experimented with combining flours in just the right percentages to create a loaf of bread that was soft, tasty, and nutritious. It took eight long years!” The result was his company Arnel’s Originals which sells “five delicious, nutritious gluten-free, organic, kosher, whole grain baking mixes. (Bread, Pizza, Pancake, Cake, & All-Purpose Flour) All of our mixes are free-from the top eight allergens and have a superb texture and taste. We sell directly to customers through our website and supply large volumes of our flour blends to restaurants, bakeries, pizza places, schools, and hospitals etc.