November 30, 2021

Media Worldwide Giving Exhibitors Biggest Exposure Ever; 150,000 Impressions on Kosherfest Site

New York…Despite still being in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic and a slightly smaller show, tens of thousands of people all over the globe followed Kosherfest ’21 (November 9-10, Meadowlands Convention Center, Secaucus NJ) on various social media platforms. Thousands watched videos and live streams from various sources with over 5,000 tuning in to the Kosherfest Instagram social media platform. As many as 20,000 viewers watched videos and photos on such sites as Vos iz Neias (VIN) giving enormous exposure to the exhibitors and making Kosherfest a “must see '' event for most kosher consumers.

Of particular interest to both trade executives and to consumers were the many new products at the show. More than 150,000 impressions were recorded on the Kosherfest social media platforms since September making it by far the single most important event to kosher.  The show also had considerable exposure on several programs on WOR radio in the New York region. Social media experts say that “the numbers show that Kosherfest is a major brand in the kosher community and throughout the Jewish world” and was followed closely by thousands despite the limitations of the show as a trade event.