November 16, 2021

Many Kosher Purveyors Cautiously Stay Away While Others Shine in Their Absence

Secaucus NJ…David Elliot Farm, owned by the Fink Family of Scranton PA, was at Kosherfest for the first time. The poultry producer received considerable notice as it joined such well-known brands as KJ Poultry and Meal Mart in presenting Glatt Kosher meats and poultry. The absence of a few bellwether meat and poultry companies at this year’s show helped David Elliot gain the recognition that the near 8-decade old company deserved. David Elliot was founded in the early 1940’s by David Fink and is now owned and managed by his children and grandchildren. The Finks proudly spoke of their cleaner chickens, the removal of boney wing tips and minimized water pickup.

With the absence of the customary large Israel pavilion, the importers of Charlap Matzos from Bet Shemesh were able to receive considerable attention from trade buyers. Says Yakov Charlap: “The Matos are baked in small batches close to Passover to produce the freshest, thinnest, and best-tasting matzos at very competitive pricing.” Whole-wheat matzos and shmurah matzah meal are also manufactured by Charlap.  One senior kosher food executive summarized it this way: “2021 will be remembered as the show that was a breakout event for many smaller kosher purveyors.” Indeed, it was!