August 23, 2022

Many Entrepreneurs Vie for Success in Kosher Market, Usher in New Generation of Kosher

Brooklyn…Raizel 20, considers herself a “kosher foodie” who is ready for kosher prime time. She has been experimenting with new kosher food recipes while still in elementary school and hopes that her innovative baking recipe will soon make it onto kosher food supermarket shelves. “While I don’t expect to bump the established kosher brands, I will be looking to attract people of my generation who are looking for convenience and taste in new kosher products.” Industry sources say that the new age kosher revolution is well underway. They hope to take advantage of a heightened interest in experimenting with flavors and combination of ingredients. They also hope to take advantage of the much more available shelf space in the growing network of kosher independent stores as well as a willingness by an increasing number of distributors to carry new and innovative items. Michal, 24, who came up with a new idea for a beverage says: “My generation does not want to be spoon-fed innovation, but instead wants to be part of the process.” Indeed, the future kosher brands may read: “Raizel and Michal’s.” Several of the new entrepreneurs are from the Chasidic community and are promising to put products on the shelf that adds a kosher certification from Chasidic certifications.