February 28, 2023

Major Airlines Upgrade Kosher Options

Newark, NJ…Several major carriers have significantly upgraded their kosher cuisine aboard long international flights, most notably to Tel Aviv. United Airlines at Newark (EWR), and British Airways/American Airlines at JFK have both recently announced the launch of fresh, kosher meals in their airport lounges. The United offerings are available in the Polaris business class lounge and are catered by Fresko. Meals so far have included a Middle Eastern falafel plate and baked ziti. At JFK, Fresko meals will be available at the new joint BA/AA premium lounges. The menu features breaded pollock, baked ziti, herb chicken skewers, meatloaf, and desserts. Royal Wines (Kedem) is supplying some of their premium Herzog wines in what is considered a major upgrade of the kosher food and wine service. Premium lounges at JFK like the Chelsea Lounge Soho Lounge, and  Greenwich Lounge club are offering the new upgraded kosher fare. United Airlines has upgraded their meal program in all classes with Fresko meals.