August 10, 2022

Long-time Kosherfest Exhibitors Value Support for Kosher Food Industry

Secaucus, NJ…The decision to exhibit at the annual Kosherfest, of course, comes down to the expected benefits of the show to kosher food companies. But according to sales executives of Kosherfest, some simply explain that as part of the kosher food industry they feel a responsibility to support the world’s only premier kosher food show. Many long-time exhibitors like Anderson International, Beigel’s, and Setton International are frequent repeat exhibitors who are strong supporters of the annual kosher food show. Also noted is the strong support of the major kashrus agencies from around the world for an annual event that is the showcase of the kosher food industry. One kashrus official said: “I really can’t understand why any kosher food company that earns its livelihood from this community would miss even one show and not show its support once a year for the industry.” He was referring to a small number of kosher food companies who “skip” a show or two. This year’s show, scheduled for November 8th and 9th, will have many new features including a much-enhanced new product showcase, live demos by prominent authors and chefs, and a focus on the Kosher for Passover set.