November 15, 2022

Kosherfest 2022 – The Show of Wine and Honey

Secaucus NJ…Show veterans were astounded at the sheer number of wine exhibits as well as those featuring honey and honey ingredients. The wine and spirit booths included De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards,Emerald Imports, 18K Wine, Cape Jewel Wines, Happy Heart Wine, Kosher Winery Argentina by Luis Chami, Meron Winery, Emerald Imports, ImpEx Beverages, Mixcraft, Alexandrion Saber Distilleries 1789  S.R.L, The Milk & Honey Distilleries and Penderyn Distilleries. Some of the notable exhibits included:

Rambam @HappyHearts who came out with a new dry wine can collection, green cans of prosecco and pink rosé. Meanwhile @Mixcraft stole the show giving out to-go pouches and glasses of signature cocktails such as _Eye of the Dragon, Clear Colada, getaway car and New York Sour. Tabernacle wines featured a luxe trio of bottles perfect for corporate gift giving for the upcoming holidays.

The honey booths included:

  • HoneyGramz - Ruth Harrigan has been a NYC beekeeper for over 10 years with a mission to help save the bees by advocating and teaching the importance of pollination. 
  • Pure Southern Honey - a family-owned business located in South Georgia. For years, the business had focused on producing and selling honey in bulk along with providing pollination services to farmers. Recently, after seeing the need for high-quality honey in stores, they decided to provide their honey directly to consumers. -“You will discover a honey that is truly one of a kind, produced only by our bees. Our honey is derived from a range of floral sources that are native to the Southeast. It consists predominantly of Gallberry with some Tupelo, Blackgum, and Palmetto flowers. If you are looking for a top of the line honey, look no further.”
  • Sunny Honey Miami - Mihaela Gutman has been surrounded by bees and beekeepers her entire life thanks to family members that were beekeepers. This sparked a life-long passion for studying the benefits of honey, its application in natural medicine, and its interconnectivity with nature. She first started formulating her honey recipes about three years ago and is a Florida-certified beekeeper. Continuing to learn about bees and protecting them from extinction is something she believes to be central to everyone’s survival.
  • Pacific Resources International (PRI) - David Noll discovered Manuka Honey while traveling to far off New Zealand with a guitar in one hand and a surfboard in the other. He had no idea that his voyage to the other side of the world would change the course of his professional and personal life forever. After just a few days in New Zealand, David met a beautiful Kiwi girl Linda and what was originally intended to be a short visit led to a thirteen-year stay including a marriage and the birth of three of their eventual six children. David fell in love with Linda and her native country, marveling at its natural splendor, untouched purity, and passion for personal wellness. Eventually they moved back to his hometown in California. In 1987 David founded the company PRI and became the first to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S.. David somehow anticipated just how globally marketable this very special gift from nature would be.