October 26, 2022

Kosherfest 2022: After 33 Years - Still Building a Strong Kosher Industry

Secaucus, NJ…When Kosherfest 2022 opens at the Meadowlands Convention Center on November 8th, it will showcase an industry that has undergone major growth and development since the kosher food trade show was first launched. In fact, few segments of the food industry have experienced as much growth as kosher. Industry veterans and experts’ credit Kosherfest for being at the center of the growth trend. Some of the highlights of this growth include:


  • Development of a network of large independent kosher food supermarkets which continue to expand at an extraordinary pace.
  • Major growth of large kosher food brands and distributors.
  • Introduction and successful integration of new products on supermarket shelves.
  • Wider availability of kosher at a variety of box stores, discount chains, and convenience stores
  • Significant growth of foodservice, namely due to demographics.
  • Continued involvement and expansion of kosher in the nation's major supermarkets.
  • An impressive number of startups and fledgling food companies who have successfully entered the world of kosher.
  • The major role of technology in shaping a new age kosher shopper.

One kosher food veteran put it this way: Kosherfest can definitely take credit for putting kosher on a new sphere. It is no longer an afterthought and even those companies who for whatever reason do not participate in Kosherfest have to admit that the show is responsible or here they are today in the industry.”

This year’s Kosherfest (November 8-9) will feature nearly 200 companies and 4000 visitors in a dramatic return to the show’s prominence in the pre-Covid days.