March 1, 2022

Kosher Travel Rebounds Worldwide as Israel Opens

Tel Aviv…Many Israelis based kosher travel programs have resumed scheduling kosher programs. Travel agents say that the resurgent travel includes such destinations as Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Panama, and even Africa. Airlines are booked solid for trips to Israel since the government relaxed all travel restrictions for unvaccinated travel beginning March 1st. American and United have upgraded service, especially with first rate kosher wines. The Istanbul Airport Authority has launched kosher food service in its international terminal and at Turkish Airlines lounges. More than 1 million people fly Turkish Air to and from Israel. The Jewish community in Turkey together with the OK Kashrut company and Rabbi Mendy Chitrik of the Ashkenazi community in Istanbul started providing kosher food travelers at the airport. “La Casa Catering Company was established by Turkey’s Jewish community, and it creates more than 600,000 meals per year,” Chitrik told The Jerusalem Post. Turkish Air lounges will also have the kosher fare for business travelers.