June 28, 2022

Kedem (Royal Wine) in Successful Kosher Wine and Food Education Events in Israel and Europe

London…Jews were never heavily into alcohol consumption, say the experts, at least not since the days of the Babylonian Talmud when good wines were part of almost every meal. Kedem is credited with having transformed what was largely a dominant sacramental wines market in the US into a robust premier kosher wines global market. The Herzog family is dubbed as the “educators” of a new generation of Jews that covet good wine and food. Kedem recently resumed (after a 2-year Covid absence) its annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) in Tel Aviv, Paris, and London. The events highlighted more than 240 wines from Israel, France, Italy, Spain, and the U.K. The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane was the scene where more than 800 KFWE guests enjoyed an exceptional selection of kosher wines and spirits. More than a dozen Israeli wineries were present with their latest vintages, including boutique wineries such as Domaine Du Castel, Yatir Winery, Flam Winery, Jezreel, Matar by Pelter, and Psagot. Along with the unlimited wine tastings and whisky masterclasses, the London event featured a legendary buffet by caterer Arieh Wagner.