November 2, 2022

Kashrus Agencies to Meet on November 10th Amidst Critical Shortage of Mashgichim

New York…Kashrus organizations are preparing to meet on November 10th for the annual AKO Convention. The expected well attended event sponsored by the Association of Kashrus Organizations will discuss a myriad of concerns that face kashrus organizations around the world, according to Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Executive Director of AKO. The convention, which will take place at the new headquarters of the Orthodox Union, occurs a day after Kosherfest ends on November 9th. “This convention will be more of a practical exchange on everyday issues that face the agencies, “Rabbi Fishbane told Kosher Today. The convention comes at a time when kashrus organizations are faced with a critical shortage of experienced mashgichim. Agencies are stepping up educational programs in an effort to recruit and train a new generation of professional mashgichim.