March 28, 2023

It’s Passover Again; A Far Cry From The Borscht Days!

My Sixth Sense…By Menachem Lubinsky 

Albert was part of a family that emigrated from Russia to the US in the late 1920’s. He recalled Passover in the 1940’s with the main items being Manischewitz wine, Goodman’s Matzoh,  Rokeach gefilte fish, and Gold’s borscht. “When I see today’s stores with thousands of Passover products, in a sense it doesn’t feel like Passover to me.” You probably could say the same for today’s consumers who even a decade ago could not dream of the scope of kosher for Passover products, not to speak of aisles of snacks, Passover pizza, pita, and bagels. I recall that last Passover one distributor told me that he carried 13,000 Kosher for Passover items. 

I recall Seders back home in crown heights where the choice beverage was Saratoga Geyser with Kedem syrup. Most everything in the house was made from scratch by my late mother. Snacks? eggs or potatoes or macaroons and lady fingers.  Passover cereal? heretical! Headed to Yankee Stadium? hard-boiled eggs and matzoh and macaroons. Oh well, different era, different times. A Happy Passover to all!