July 12, 2022

Israeli Winery Showcases its New Wines in New York and New Jersey

New York…Israel’s wine industry took another step into the kosher market in the US. The Yatir Winery introduced its new DAROM brand with two food and wine pairing events in such popular restaurants as SALT in New Jersey and ALENBI Kitchen in Brooklyn. The grapes are grown in the Negev region, developed by Yatir's respected and talented winemaker Eran Goldwasser. He has been producing award winning and coveted wines for Yatir for more than 20 years.  "The south is an integral part of the history of the Jewish people and their connection to vineyards there have bloomed and flourished in the region since the dawn of history. It is a wonderful natural habitat in terms of climate and soil, and many high-quality local varieties can be cultivated here. We are proud to lead Israel’s southern wine trend with the Yatir, and now with the new Darom brand,” says Yacov Ben Dor, CEO of Yatir Winery. The wines includer White 2021, Rose 2021, and Red 2020.