December 14, 2022

Israeli Exports of Food and Wine to US Grew by 15% Since 2019; May top $300 million in 2022

Tel Aviv…Although data for 2022 was not yet available, all indications are that Israeli exports of food and wine will continue to grow at a 15% pace. Remarkably the growth was sustained during the Covid and post Covid period with its many supply chain issues. The US remains Israel’s largest exporting partner of food and wine with over $292 million exported in food and over $38 million in wines. Experts say that it is the kosher market that drives the exports but noted that the growth figures may have to be adjusted for inflation which was “very prevalent” in 2021. According to the data supplied by the Israel Export Institute to Kosher Today, food exports in 2019 were at $254 million which had grown to over $292 million in 2021. Israel exported nearly $900 million in 2021, with China and Japan being leading importers at $60 million and $63 million respectively, but combined less than half of the US numbers.

Israeli wines, which in recent years have been acclaimed with many international awards, are extremely popular with US kosher consumers. The export of wines from Israel was just over $32 million in 2019, which grew to $38 million in 2021. Total Israeli wine exports in 2021 were $60 million. Israeli food and wine products have become a mainstay of the kosher food industry in the US with many importers across the country, led by Royal Wines and Kayco. Many popular kosher food products are now routinely manufactured in Israel, including such bestselling brands as Manischewitz, which is owned by Kayco.