February 16, 2022

Inflation, Shortages Biggest Worries of Kosher Consumers this Passover

New York...Kosher consumers in many parts of the world share a concern that inflation will make this Passover more costly than in the recent past. In the US, many kosher food items including meat, poultry, and matzoh are expected to be as much as 15% -20% higher than just a year ago. There is also a concern that some items may be in short supply due to the ongoing supply chain problems. Israelis were reeling from proposed price increases from food giant Osem but received a reprieve when the company caved into pressure and postponed increases until after Passover. Food importers Diplomat Holdings and Leiman Schlussel have joined Osem-Nestle in postponing planned price increases after pressure from Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman and Minister of Economy Orna Barbivai. Diplomat's imports include Kellogg's, Heinz, Beyond Meat, Kikkoman, Pampers, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Ariel, and other Procter & Gamble brands, Duracell and much more. The company also owns Starkist through which it controls 40% of Israel's canned tuna retail market. Leiman Schlussel imports brands including Hershey's, Mentos, Loacker, Toffifee, Werther's Original, Nature Valley, Lavazza, and Yogueta.