April 6, 2022

Inflation has Customers Reeling on the Eve of Passover

Brooklyn…by Rifky Grossman…Shoppers for the upcoming Passover holiday are experiencing sticker shock as prices for almost every category of food are sharply higher than just a year ago. Hand-made Shmurah prices increased significantly as the commodity prices for wheat soared and of late due to the Russian-Ukrainian War went even higher. Prices ranged from $20-$50 per lb. with one exclusive brand selling for as much as $74 per lb. Some random prices included Skver at $45.99 lb., Shotzer at $36 a lb., Charlap 38.99 lb., Haddar Chaburah Shmurah boxed matzah 14.99 lb., Puppa Organic Spelt $32 for six matzos. Even the customary discounted matzos were higher this year. A walk through the aisles of some major supermarkets in Brooklyn did not offer any better tidings. Mayonnaise (because of the considerably higher price for eggs) was up by some 15% and as much as $6.99 at Pomegranate, potatoes which were in short supply due to a problem with the quality of potatoes imported from Canada were also higher. In Boro Park’s Gourmet Glatt, a dozen eggs went for $2.49 while at Pomegranate it was $3.39; Lieber’s Oil was priced at $12.99, A 5lb. bag of sugar was $4.99 at Gourmet Glatt and $5.99 at Pomegranate, Lieber’s potato starch went for $1.50 at Gourmet Glatt and the Glick’s brand for $4.39 at Pomegranate, a case of Kedem Grape Juice was $43.99 at Gourmet Glatt, and Greek Yogurts were at $1.80. Coke produced its usual Coke 1 ltr. Bottles for Passover and there was also Pepsi and Dr. Brown’s. What was clear is that it paid to shop around because there were fluctuations in prices but overall, significantly up from 2021.