December 14, 2022

In Age of Acute Shortages Excellence Abounds for Kosher Supervisors (Mashgichim)

Atlanta…It is one of the major topics of discussion amongst kashrus officials, the shortage of mashgichim (kosher supervisors). At the recent convention of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) in New York, there was discussion on a proposal to raise the salaries of mashgichim to entice more young people to pursue kashrus supervision as a career. Most of the major kashrus agencies have stepped up their training programs in an effort to place more competent kosher supervisors in the field. Despite the glut, kashrus officials say that there are many competent mashgichim who go well beyond the call of duty to carry out their jobs. One such mashgiach Tomer Dagmi was named the “Mashgiach of the Year '' at Kosherfest by Kashrus Magazine. Rabbi Yosef Wikler, the publisher, awarded the Mashgiach of the Year for 2022 with a $1000 cash prize. Dagmi works for the Atlanta Kashruth Commission ("AKC."), the largest kashrus organization in the Southeastern United States. The AKC certifies hundreds of establishments and thousands of products. Rabbi Wikler called Rabbi Dagmi an example of the best of mashgichim.

Tomer works in the Fuego Mundo Restaurant, an upscale Latin American restaurant located in Sandy Springs GA. He was nominated by the AKC, one of 1,493 kashrus agencies worldwide that were asked to submit nominations. Tomer was born in Israel, toured extensively in Japan, Thailand, India, France, and other countries before finally settling in Atlanta and raising a family.

Rabbi Wikler weighed in on the shortage of mashgichim saying that one way to deal with the shortage was to replace their function of checking vegetables with the new hydroponic grown veggies which come virtually bug free and kosher certified, “and then train the "mashgichim" in a higher role in factories and restaurants so that they are more professorial and demand higher salaries.”