February 28, 2023

Hollywood Insider: Vacation or Family Trip? by Eda Kram-Steinberg

(Hollywood, FL) With Yeshiva Week a distant memory and Purim days away…before you know it Pesach is on its way. We have to ask ourselves: Vacation or Family Trip? Many families leave their homes for Pesach to a program at a hotel or to do their own program in an airbnb. So you told your boss that you need to take off for vacation with the family…what I have discovered over the years is that we need to call this “vacation” a family trip. 

The kids are off and now it’s time to do something fun with the family. Option number one is staying locally and doing one or all of the following; skiing and sipping hot cocoa by a fireplace, going to an indoor water park and letting the kids run around or going to a mall.  Option number two is heading south by plane, train or automobile to Florida. Your body is craving vitamin D so you pack your bags, leave JFK and hop on the first flight to FLL or MIA. When you see the Guitar from the sky of The Hard Rock Hotel you know you're one step closer to enjoying your family trip. First stop is checking into your hotel or airbnb, next stop filling the fridge with kosher food and snacks. Wynn Dixie, Publix, KC (KosherCentral) Market Place and the Grove are the stores you need to visit in order to stock up. Now you have to think about making reservations for dinner because everyone and their mother is also visiting Hollywood. We are given the opportunity to disconnect from reality and reconnect with our children. 

Looking for another dinner option before and after Pesach check out JZ Steakhouse. The ambiance and vibe of the restaurant is fantastic. The food is definitely the highlight of the experience. You can start you off with a large plate of delicious dips, salads, and a big lafah for the table, meat pizzas and various steaks, ribs on the bone, and even 16 and 24 inch steaks. The desserts are a must-try. They have donuts that taste like Hanukkah and a Ferrero Rocher cake.  

So where should you make reservations during chol hamoed Pesach? If you want a family friendly experience check out The Cave Glatt Kosher Restaurant. An exciting new addition to the dining scene. The restaurant offers live music every night of the week. They also showcase comedians and magicians with a variety of food options    such as sushi, tacos, steak and burgers. The Caveman burger is a fan favorite. So good luck with your family trip! Do your best to enjoy the family! Before you know it the kids will be all grown up and spending time with their own family