March 28, 2023

Hollywood Insider “Making Passover”

Hollywood, Florida… By Eda Kram-Steinberg… The month of Nissan begins on March 23rd which means Passover is but two weeks away. Women out there have begun facing the challenge of “making Passover/Pesach” which means preparing their homes to be clean and chametz free for the holiday. I will keep this article short this week because in my house we have not begun tearing apart the rooms, emptying pockets of crumbs and cleaning our cars of all candy wrappers (hidden under slime) and other Purim treats. 

The major Florida supermarkets that cater to the kosher market Including Wynn Dixie, Kosher Central, Grove, Aroma Market And Publix are all stocked with kosher for Passover products, so the clock is ticking and the challenge is on. Who will get to the stores in time to get the best shmurah hand-made matzoh, find the newest condiments, fill up their fridges and stock their pantries quickest in time for Passover. All of this to be the first to tell your friends you made it to the finish line.

I wish you all the strength to get to the seder night, hear your children's/ grandchildren's version of the 4 questions and the 4 sons and stay awake for all 4 cups. The race is on! Have a happy and kosher Passover!