October 6, 2022

Holiday Sales Projected to Hit Record Numbers

Brooklyn…While it may be a bit early to project final sales for the holidays this month, a survey of retailers and distributors seems to put sales on a record-setting path. One distributor said that the large kosher independent supermarkets were attracting many Jewish customers who might have shopped elsewhere in the past. Some supermarkets had a run on quality meats and poultry and many consumers were stocking up for the entire holiday season to assure they benefit from current prices. Sam and Aliza were shellshocked at the price of jumbo eggs but otherwise bought many prepared foods. “It's Yom Tov after all and we can’t wait till after the holidays when prices might come down.” All in all, a few retailers were hoping for sales to revert to 2019 levels, but most felt comfortable that 2022 would set a new record.