August 23, 2022

High Price Business Class Offers a Better Kosher Meal or Meal Period

New York…Traveling on Business Class is for all practical purposes out of reach for even well-traveled businesspeople. But for those who can afford the high cost of travel and are kosher, at least the fare is above average these days, travel experts say. To get business travelers to spend more than an ordinary economy class ticket, El Al is promoting its premium class with free luggage, priority boarding, wide seats, and gourmet meals. On American Airlines, an upgraded kosher meal comes with premium Herzog wines and European travelers can enjoy upgraded kosher meals from local caterers. A recent non-kosher traveler “bored of the standard business meal aboard United Airlines” ordered a kosher meal. Here’s what he posted: I’ve grown weary of the lack of variety in the business class meals on United Airlines’ premium transcontinental flights. So, for my last flight, I ordered a kosher meal even though I am not observant nor Jewish…and was pleasantly surprised.”


“Shortly after we leveled off, dinner service began, and I received a wrapped tray as well as a double-wrapped hot meal placed on top. While not pretty, everything is sealed so it will not get “contaminated” by anything that is not kosher. Unwrapping the first layer, I found a sealed bread roll, a salad with olives, rice, and eggplant, a pastry-like dessert with chocolate icing and filling, as well as a packet of instant coffee, tea, and a sealed cup of water. The catering was by Regal and included a rabbinical note. Unwrapping my main course, I found it sealed and wrapped in another layer. After unwrapping that layer, I was pleased to see a very edible-looking roast beef dish with peas, carrots, and what looked like couscous (even though the ingredient sheet said it was red potato wedges).I must admit, not bad…and a great alternative to the usual meals on this route. I ate most of it before falling asleep.”

The non-kosher traveler added: “I was impressed by the kosher meal on my United Airlines transcontinental flight in business class. My understanding is that the Kosher catering is even better out of Newark (Fresko instead of Regal /Borenstein) and I will order a kosher meal again.” Travel agents and the airlines say that orders for the preferred kosher meals continue to soar, and the assumption is that many are non-kosher travelers.