November 2, 2022

Hello Salad’s, Welcoming Products to Debut at Kosherfest!

Newark…by Eda Kram…Salads are in and so are innovative dressings and marinades. Marcelle Suliman the CEO & Co-Owner of the company has had much success with his products and has concluded that “now is the time to grow our business and Kosherfest is the place to be!” When Kosherfest opens on Tuesday November 8th, it will showcase many new products, but Suliman is confident that it will be a big hit at the show with its over 4000 buyers.  Hello Salad dressings and marinades are quality products that provide an easy way to add flavor to any salad or dish. They currently produce 7 unique flavors: Lemon Parsley, Avocado Caesar, Lemon Mint, Lemon Cumin, Balsamic Basil and Zaatar Basil. Some are vegan friendly, and some flavors include fresh herbs, which give them a richer flavor. Their dressings/marinades appeal to all palates featuring sweet, sour, tangy, tart, fresh and middle eastern flavors. Providing affordable pricing is important to them so that all consumers can enjoy it but they do not compromise on quality. Each flavor is clearly labeled and can be identified by color for a quick grab-n-go product available at local markets. The flip-top cap makes for easy pouring as well. Kosher certified under the Star-K