July 27, 2022

From the Editor

Lots of kosher news to cover this week! Kosherfest will have a fresh look with many new and creative programs and products. We unveil some of the details…Seasons is the first major independent kosher supermarket chain to announce that they are opening in the growing Toms River kosher community…Kosher travel this summer set to surpass pre-Covid levels…Lawsuit against JetBlue’s use of a Kosher symbol resolved…New data shows 25% growth in Jewish community in LA, bodes well for kosher…40,000 sq ft Kosher Supermarket set to open in Boynton Beach…Kashrus agencies face critical shortage of foodservice mashgichim…In My Sixth Sense, I look at what to eat when a kosher meal is not available…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers Alternative Non-Dairy Drinks and Deli Slices

Menachem Lubinsky