Sixth Sense

August 21, 2017

Chicago - Miracles are no doubt happening in this city as the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year after more than 100 years. Now in what appears to be an even greater miracle, Wrigley Field recently launched a kosher stand, the 13thstadium to offer the kosher fare. Owned by Kosher Standz, it is called DanZtand. It

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July 24, 2017

A lawyer friend of mine was extremely excited about the kosher food truck that began appearing in Downtown Brooklyn, near the courts. “The stuff was great,” he texted me, “and I finally will be able to make use of the few minutes I have between cases.” My grandchildren enjoyed some rather robust looking kosher

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June 26, 2017
My Sixth Sense by Menachem Lubinsky

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about Amazon’s intention to acquire Whole Foods for a whopping $13.2 billion. The giant food chain has in recent years moved steadily into kosher. You would be amazed to see just how many of their products bear kosher certification. They have also begun… Read More
June 13, 2017

The appalling recent arson of two kosher restaurants in Manchester is to say the least extremely disturbing. Anti-Semitism in its purest form is hatred without reason or boundaries meaning that even such basic innocent venues as a kosher restaurant are not immune. Europe, with its extensive track record of hatred against

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May 22, 2017

There is a prevailing theory by many marketers of kosher foods that the best marketing strategy is simply visibility. Hence, in recent years a product or institution came to be judged by the size of the ads in one of the many magazines and newspapers that target the kosher market. To be sure, this strategy has turned out

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May 1, 2017

Combining the celebration of Passover with quality family time and a vacation at a primary destination seems like the ideal way to celebrate the holiday. For my family, Orlando was the perfect destination and the Rosen Plaza Hotel the ideal venue. With its year-round glatt kosher and Mehadrin kitchen, it offered the

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April 3, 2017

Growing up in Crown Heights, I vividly remember my late mother’s feverish preparations for the holiday. Most of what we ate was made in her kitchen, including the pastries, apple sauce, the gefilte fish and so forth. Our beverage of choice was Saratoga Geyser flavored with Kedem Raspberry Syrup. Our selection of wine was

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March 20, 2017

It was Purim but the Passover atmosphere was clearly in the air in many of the stores I visited. Some had makeshift storage trailers, others kept Passover products in the cabs of trucks, and yet others even had refrigerated trailers in their parking lots. That is for stores who did not have enough storage space in their

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March 6, 2017

The luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem has become the destination of choice for the vacationing Orthodox traveler to Israel as well as the businessman. Spending Shabbos at the hotel last week, I saw mostly Orthodox Jewish families from New York, London, Melbourne and even Panama City, with many participating in

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February 6, 2017

I have heard many a restaurateur explain that he offers great food that “just happens to be kosher.” I get it! What they are really saying is that if you still have an outdated notion about the quality of kosher food and wine, forget it – it’s history. Most of the great chefs in some of the better kosher

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