November 16, 2021

From the Editor

Kosherfest 2021 is history and so is the amazing energy, buzz and excitement that defines the 32nd edition of the international kosher food trade show. We cover many aspects of the show: Why was this show better than all previous shows? Why did leading experts call this the “best show ever?” How was it that in a Covid year, there were more new products than expected? READ our extensive coverage of the show that will take you behind the stage and show you who the real winners and losers were…Read our story about the record number of kosher restaurants that opened since the onset of Covid…Read Batsheva Berger’s coverage of the 7th Annual Kosher Food Media conference…Read why insect infestation is keeping kashrus officials awake at night…My Sixth Sense reveals what kosher purveyors who did not attend Kosherfest are saying and despite all the new products that she has been covering, Eda Kram covers another, Lower Calorie Wines in Single-Serve Portable Cans

Menachem Lubinsky