March 1, 2022

From the Editor

It’s that time of the year again and we have a lead story on some of the new products that will be introduced for the upcoming Passover…Wines from Israel will be very prevalent on Seder tables this Passover…Rabbis get “refresher
Cores” on koshering for Passover, especially in hotels and restaurants…Kosher travel seems to be on the move again especially as Israel opens up with new relaxed Covid rules…I remember my visit to the Ukraine in 2009 and how kosher was becoming popular there. We reprint the coverage of September 2009. Our prayers, of course, are with these people in these trying times…Evergreen set to open its third mega kosher supermarket in Pomona…Concern mounts for the growing shortage of poultry…In My Sixth Sense, I look at the optimism in advance of Passover 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Our special kosher for Passover wine issue will be published on March 16th.

Menachem Lubinsky