November 30, 2021

From the Editor

Kosherfest 2021 had the largest attendance ever, thanks to the thousands who followed the show on social media. The numbers are simply staggering as Kosherfest proves to be mother brand of the entire industry…Israel food exports to US top $.75 billion despite pandemic… AKO Convention to deal with many post-pandemic issues…Jewel-Osco in Chicago does a reset and kosher is the big winner…The Chanukah party is back. Kosher sources say that families and offices are once again holding their annual Chanukah parties…The Omicron variant has once again postponed Israel’s welcome mat to tourists…The kosher community mourned the passing of Samuel Farkas, founder of Mehadrin Dairy and a pioneer in the Chalav Yisrael market…Heinz has resumed producing ketchup in Canada and will be certified kosher by MK Kosher Global...In My Sixth Sense, I look at the loss of the personal touch by some kosher restaurants thanks to on-line reservation sites… Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers New Keto Friendly Cookies.
Happy Chanukah to all!

Menachem Lubinsky