October 6, 2022

From the Editor

As Jews celebrated the New Year of 5783, kosher was booming. Here are some of our top stories: Major supermarket chains continue to invest in kosher…Holiday sales in 2022 are projected to hit new records…The New Product Competition is around the corners and for winners it means greater sales of new items…The Poconos is rapidly becoming a major destination for kosher travelers, but it still lacks good kosher food options. Could relief be on the way?...It may be hard to get fresh chickens for the holidays in Israel but the country is experiencing a tourism boom…More kosher independent supermarkets are opening as the network continues to grow…Still recovering from the Covid era, Kosherfest looks very promising…Iconic kosher Chinese restaurant in Miami changing hands…In My Sixth Sense, I share a conversation with a rabbi about his thoughts about kosher on Yom Kippur…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers New Sesame Brittle from Chewzy.

With best wishes for a Chag Sameach!

Our next issue will be on October 26th