June 16, 2022

French Supermarket Chain, Carrefour, Well Prepared for Israeli Market: Broad Experience with Kosher

Tel Aviv…The French are coming! Less than a year after acquiring the Yeinot Bitan supermarket chain, Electra Consumer Products of the Elco group, reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding with the French supermarket chain, Carrefour to open a supermarket chain in Israel under the Carrefour brand. According to the prestigious Business publication, Globes, over 150 branches of the Yeinot Bitan chain will gradually be converted to Carrefour branches. The first branches under the Carrefour brand will be opened towards the end of 2022, while Carrefour's own brand products will start to be sold in Yeinot Bitan branches before the summer. Carrefour is the largest international retailer to enter Israel. The company has some 13,900 branches and a sales turnover of €81.2 billion. The big chain markets in France like Carrefour and Monoprix carry kosher food in the Jewish neighborhoods. Otherwise, kosher consumers in France shop at kosher independents like Cash Casher. French Jews living in Israel were ecstatic with the news, hoping that Carrefour will carry some of the excellent kosher foods and wines that they are used to from back home.