August 10, 2022

Forward Names its Five Leading Kosher Pizza Stores with Bravo Named # 1

New York…Almost a decade after it named Abeles & Heyman’s beef hotdog as the number one kosher hotdog, the Forward recently crowned Bravo the leading kosher pizza. Kosher food experts say that there are as many as 800 kosher pizza stores in the US. A recent trend has been for brands to expand into a network of pizza stores. Most recently, Perizzia added yet another store to its growing presence in Flatbush. Bravo was noted for its consistency, flavor and “just the right balance of crunch and ooze.” The other leading kosher brands were Benny’s in Flatbush, Mendelsohn’s in Boro Park, Pizza Time in Flatbush, and Pizza Plus in the Bronx. The Bronx? Yes, says the Forward review “if you have the time to take your slice to a bench or a park, then Pizza Plus is a great way to slow down and enjoy a good one.”