May 24, 2022

Foodservice Contacts a Big Plus of Kosherfest ‘22

Secaucus, NJ…Many of the exhibitors signed for Kosherfest ’22 (November 8-9) have learned an industry secret: Kosherfest is an excellent venue for making contact with the lucrative kosher foodservice business.  AC RadioCom is the Kenwood direct                                                                

National ProTalk Dealer for Kenwood ProTalk two-way radios & accessories providing effective communication solutions for all facilities. Although he sells no food, a significant number of his primary customers are kosher foodservice. “We have been exhibiting at Kosherfest since 2016 and have been supplying Kosher restaurants, caterers, food suppliers etc. with two-way radios and PA systems for over 12 years.”  Arnel's Originals sells five delicious, nutritious gluten-free, organic, kosher, whole grain baking mixes. (Bread, Pizza, Pancake, Cake, & All-Purpose Flour) “All of our mixes are free-from the top 8 allergens and have a superb texture and taste. We sell directly to customers through our website and supply large volumes of our flour blends to restaurants, bakeries, pizza places, schools, hospitals, etc.”

Celtic Sea Salt has over 45 years of experience in the sea salt industry and is currently the leading globally recognized sea salt brand providing the ideal balance of minerals to offer a superior, distinctive, and elegant taste. “No wonder it’s the frequent choice of famous chefs worldwide.” Foodservice is a major target of Celtic Sea Salt.

We offer a complete range of all-natural, unrefined mineral salts of the highest quality available. Our extensive selection is offered in a range of attractive packaging options: reusable grinders, shaker jars, and refill bags. We also offer bulk gourmet salts that are ideal for food production manufacturing with a premium selection available for almost any food or manufacturing process.