May 11, 2022

Eating Kosher Food with No Masks

The Adlers (name changed) were on a flight back to the States from Europe and had bought kosher food to eat on the flight back. Mr. Adler carefully opened the bag he bought and was about to distribute the food to his two daughters and son when the flight attendant barked: “put your mask back on.” When Lenny Adler explained that he had brought his own food and that the family was hungry, the flight attendant responded that “it was not mealtime.” Lenny’s complaint to the senior flight attendant was to no avail.

Fearing that the incident was going to get out of hand, Lenny asked his family to wait until everyone was served their meal and to put their masks back on. In her email to me, Mrs. Adler wrote: “It is about time that the airlines recognize that we are not just a number but part of a significant number of good and loyal customers. We behave on flights and all we ask is to allow us to eat kosher and pray. Is that such a difficult thing to accommodate?” No, it is not, I assured her, and I agree that there needs to be a structured educational campaign for flight crews.