April 6, 2022

Demand Soars for Passover Programs Even at Late Hour; 100,000 in 100 Programs

London…Passover 2022 is already being labeled the “comeback year” as demand soared even in the closing days before Passover. According to Kosher Today travel consultant Raphy Bloom of www.totallyjewishtravel.com, “many programs in Europe and Cancun are totally sold out.” An estimated 100,000 vacationers will be spending the 8-day holiday in nearly one hundred programs, which is slightly down from 140 programs prior to Covid. “Demand is definitely up while supply is somewhat down causing a major crunch as Passover gets closer.” Vacationers expecting to book at significantly reduced prices are finding them to be virtually non-existent. Many travelers who had booked trips to Israel but were unable to travel due to Covid are instead spending Passover 2022 in Israeli hotels that are almost totally sold out. The trend towards renting homes in Orlando continues even as there appears to be a slight insignificant downturn.