February 28, 2023

Closure of Shatzer Matzoh Bakery Creates Huge Shortage and Price Hikes

Brooklyn, NY…There are growing fears in the kosher world of a major shortage of matzah and significant price increases this Passover due to the closure of the Shatzer Matzoh Bakery, one of the most iconic and popular Matzah factories. Sources told Kosher Today that the Shatzer bakery had a significant market share in the Shmura hand-made matzoh category. Although other bakeries are promising increased production, one rabbi said that he was not allowed to bake more than he did last year. The news of the sudden closure hit many in the Orthodox community hard as the bakery has been a major institution for Passover for well over a half century. There was a particular concern by operators and caterers who will be managing some 140 Passover programs.