November 30, 2021

Chanukah Parties Return, But Still Shy of 2019, Kosher Sources Say

Brooklyn…Mark was preparing to have his secretary plan a Chanukah party at his office, something he had not done last year. Although a half dozen of his employees are working remotely and are still not comfortable working in the office, he is planning to hold the party this year for those that are there in person and to order food to the homes of those who cannot come in. In canvassing many stores and caterers, it seems that Mark is not alone. The Chanukah party seems to be back albeit not at 2019 levels. Mark’s menu will include sushi platters, latkes, caramel doughnuts, and smoothies. Pizza will be offered to those who will be at the party in person. A new trend will be deliveries by such services as Uber Eats. Several on-line kosher sites are offering party specials for the 8-day holiday which began on Sunday evening and extends through next Sunday December 5th.