May 11, 2022

Breadberry’s Vision: Branding Good Kosher Food and Individual Experience

Brooklyn, NY…Breadberry is not your typical large kosher independent supermarket. It is smaller than many of the others and has a unique compact layout that gives the shopper an intimate connection with the foods. Upon entrance, there is the café, produce and a Sushi station. It is part of the vision of founding owner Sam Gluck who is planning to bring the upscale food experience to Lakewood NJ later this year. His passion for creating unique food experiences even extended to experimenting with local good food eateries in lobbies of major office buildings like Brooklyn Square and Industry City in Brooklyn. Eventually he hopes to develop a model that will be rife for any prestigious office building. Although he caters to the local neighborhood in the higher numbers of Boro Park, his customer base includes the growing network of foodies who appreciate the creativity and skills of his chefs. Breadberry is the perfect setting for the new generation of foodies, digital and in person, who covet presentation and great taste. In fact, many of his patrons begin their mornings with a Latte and pastry that they find to be European café style at the entrance of the store. Always tossing around fresh ideas, Mr. Gluck is renovating the store and tapping into some of the ideas from his devoted professional staff. His brand goes well beyond the Boro Park community as his orange-colored vans circle the city to bring his unique foods to customers everywhere, many through his on-line portal.