August 23, 2022

Assessing Good Kosher Food at Kiddush

The “kiddush” has become a status symbol for many in showcasing the best that kosher has to offer. The kiddush, recitation of a blessing over wine or spirit, which follows the Shabbat morning prayer is often a celebration of a festive occasion like a Bar Mitzvah or simply an opportunity to impress friends and relatives. At one recent kiddush, the host asked me if I thought the fare would pass the Kosherfest muster. The assortment of Scotch, Whiskey and elaborate wine displays certainly did. So did the tray of pastries which included rainbow and chocolate cake. The Stieglitz, Shmaltz and Jalapeno herring went well with the obligatory kichels (sweet flatbreads).

Finally, it was time for the hot dishes that included three types of kugels (potato, noodles and sweet and sour) and the signature cholent (“Jewish chili”). Yes, it definitely passed the Kosherfest test even as Kosherfest has graduated from this fare to the new foods like Sushi and Ramen noodles. My neighbor at the kiddush said plainly “Kosher never stops upgrading.”