November 30, 2021

Are Reservation Sites Distancing Diners from Kosher Restaurants

Miami…You may have noticed lately that making a reservation at a kosher restaurant has become somewhat of a challenge. You can try the phone, but chances are that it won’t be answered during the day. Or you can use their reservation on-line service like Yelp or Resy and risk not pushing a correct button and losing that precious reservation.

I for one feel like the personal touch is being lost with the new technology. My Resy reservation for a Miami kosher restaurant was somehow missing, admittedly because I may have missed a step. The punishment meted out to my wife and I was that we were not seated. Thankfully, although he is always busy, Mendel of Backyard BBQ is ready with some great food and a smile that is even bigger than his generous portions. At the nearby Street Kitchen, the waiter was still checking his I-Pad to determine whether the people waiting on line really made the Resy invitation. What may stand in the way between you and your reservation is an online system that requires patience and a prayer!