February 16, 2022

Apologizing for Higher Prices

Brooklyn, NY… Here’s what a sign read in one of the kosher supermarkets. “Please Note: We are forced to raise some prices due to new pricing that we are being charged. Our apologies!” Similar signs worded in many different ways essentially convey the same message. What they really are saying is: “Don’t blame us since we are not responsible for the higher prices. We are just passing the price increases along.”

But Leah who read the sign with me wasn’t having any of this. “They should reduce their profits,” she said. “They need to think about the long-term and understand the burden on my family of the higher pricing. The store manager told me “She doesn’t understand how small our markup is in the first place on many items.” A rabbi who happened to be amongst the shoppers said: They deserve to increase prices from time to time but with rachmunes (Hebrew/Yiddish for mercy).”