January 19, 2022

AKO Announces New Date for Convention and Adds an Ingredient to Category 1 Status

Teaneck NJ… The recently postponed AKO (Association of Kashrus Organizations) Vaadim Convention has been rescheduled for May 8-10, 2022. Amongst other items on a heavy agenda, the convention will memorialize two well-known kashrus leaders, Rabbi Zecharia (Harvey) Senter of the Kof-K and Rabbi Don Joel Levy of the OK. In the meantime, the AKO Ingredient Committee is considering changing the status of the Isoamyl Alcohol from requiring certification to Category 1 status (ingredients that do not require kosher certification. Following extensive research by Rabbi Juravel of the OU and Kof-K, the AKO Ingredient Committee released the following statement in part:

 “Because of the possibility that it (Isoamyl Alcohol) might be derived from (non-kosher) wine production Isoamyl Alcohol and all its derivatives have not been considered group 1. The research indicated that while small amounts of wine fuel oil might still be made for flavor production, it is not commercially viable to produce isoamyl alcohol from wine fuel oil and it hasn’t been in many years.  Therefore, the AKO group 1 committee is considering changing isoamyl alcohol and its derivatives and compounds to group 1.”