November 2, 2022

A First Timer at Kosherfest Hopes to Make a Big Impact in Thriving Kosher Industry

New York…by Eda Kram…Innovation and sheer creativity continues to have a major impact on the kosher food industry and next week’s Kosherfest ’22 will be no exception. What started with an invitation to bake some cookies from a restaurateur at Victoria Harary’s regular stop for a morning cup-of-joe, catapulted her on a fast-track journey to what is now, ‘the’ cookie company that has the culinary industry, friends, and family-network alike, going ‘coo-coo’ over. Coo Coo Kosher ala Victoria produces cookies that are anything but ‘regular,’ with an exciting combination of ‘crazy,’ cool, – all kosher – ingredients. Her cookies, each a whopping 4.5” in diameter, are beautifully packaged, stacked in see-thru jars, offering a peek into the array of six unique flavor choices such as, Lemon Loco and Red Velvet. Victoria’s personal favorite is her ‘Cotton Candy,’ cookie, serving up the sweet, traditional treat in outlandish fashion, with trimmings, and fun accessories, like jellybeans, frosting, and, of course, cotton candy! Each cookie is kosher parve and a great dessert with meat or dairy. Culinary pastry arts and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand for Victoria, who brings passion and a laser-focus together in her unique brand. Made from Victoria’s heart, she calls Coo Coo Kosher cookies: “baked goods for everyone and anyone, who wants to have a good cookie.” Victoria, who carries her great-grandmother’s namesake, exudes the spirit of a consistent display of love through cooking, and making lasting memories.


From an early age, Victoria showed interest in the workings of the family kitchen, its center of love, commitment, and dedication.  Her inspiration for Coo Coo Kosher, started humbly two short years ago, right in ‘Mama’s double-oven,’ where she baked, and baked some more, spending hours on each cookie, until she got it just right where she wanted it. Her first time out, with her jars of cookies on the shelf that summer at a local, center-of-town favorite on the Jersey shore, near home, sold out within 24 hours. Since then, orders quickly increased and by summer’s end, Victoria was baking and distributing 100 jars a week. Soon, Coo Coo Kosher was in neighboring towns, and clusters of kosher stores in Brooklyn. With rapid, welcomed high demand for orders, mostly from ‘word of mouth,’ Victoria built a team and acquired industrial kitchen space, to take Coo Coo Kosher to the next level and beyond.  She decided to participate in Kosherfest this year so she can be a part of the main kosher event of the year in the hope of taking her products to the next level!