April 26, 2022

180,000 Americans Travel to Vacation Destinations on Passover

Orlando…An estimated 80,000 people spent Passover in Orlando in what became an instant holiday observant community. Makeshift pop-up synagogues were everywhere. Well-known independent kosher supermarkets sent truckloads of food to Orlando. The popular destination with its many private homes was a favorite for many Orthodox Jewish families from around the country. An additional 100,000 Jews participated in one hundred programs throughout the world according to Raphi Bloom of www.totallyjewishtravel.com. Although the programs responded to unprecedented demand, some forty programs that operated in 2019 did not open this year. This led to many programs being oversubscribed. “I couldn’t believe how many people were calling me less than a week before Pesach,” one operator said. Most programs were full to capacity including Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Dubai and many US destinations like Las Vegas and Phoenix. According to Mr. Bloom the huge demand was beyond expectations as people sought to break a two-year hiatus mostly due to Covid. Travel experts say that the Passover experience bodes well for kosher travel worldwide in the coming summer months.