March 1, 2022

“Koshering” for Passover Theme of AKO Conference

New York…Rabbis from around the world joined a Mini Conference on February 23rd on the subject of "All you need to know about kashering for Pesach (i.e., hotels, restaurants). "The conference was led by Rabbi Avrohom Juravel of the Orthodox Union, considered one of the leading experts on the process of koshering. It was sponsored by the Association of Kashrus Organization *AKO), considered the umbrella agency for recognized kashrus agencies from around the world. Rabbi Shulem Fishbane, AKO’s Executive Director, said that the conference was extremely timely as food service for Passover continues to grow significantly. Rabbi Juravel pointed out some of the issues that pertain to kashering kitchen facilities in the many hotels where Passover programs will be taking place.